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           Cascade_Charters_-_Logo_Only.jpg    WHITE ISLAND


$7,800 (incl GST) for a 48hr trip for up to 6 people



INCLUDES : Bait, ice, manual rod sets & gear, meals, snacks etc

ADDITIONAL:  2 x Electric reel/rod sets available at $100 per person per day (full day                            hire only). Please book in advance. 

SEASON:  June - March     

We recommend 1 or 2 nights

White Island is located 27 nautical miles from Whakatane (a 3 hr boat ride) and is an active volcano offering some amazing scenery and is a world renowned Yellow Tail Kingfish fishery. 

During the spring and summer months from October to January, Kingfish congregate here to breed and to feed on the abundance of food such as mackerel, squid and flying fish, all of which can be caught at night under CASCADE's huge spotlights. 

Bait fishing at night can also provide hours of action and entertainment as the large number of flying fish attracted to the lights draw in Kingfish.

During the day options include targeting King Fish or heading out for to the Hapuka & Bass grounds.






       "We had a good trip. Mike and

        Greg were absolutely awesome

        in both the kitchen and getting

        us on fish.  I am in the process

        of planning next years trip for

        the boys...."

        Aaron Mendoza